Combines a narrow top plate and a distinctive triple curve design, for impact-free joint protection that’s easy to install.

Eliminates joint impact, one of the major causes of noise and whole-body vibration that MHE operators are subjected to.

Ideal for, Cold Stores, Distribution Centres, Food manufacturing, General Warehousing and Heavy Industrial floors.


PERMABAN WAVE® - Steel Armoured Joint Electroplated

PERMABAN WAVE® combines a narrow top plate and a distinctive triple curve design, for impact-free joint protection that’s easy to install.

Its three sine wave shapes mean there are no straight edges, so materials handling equipment can flow smoothly across the joint in any direction.

The extension plate means installers can easily choose the correct joint height on site and use any excess stock on the next job. Inforce Wave Joint is suitable for use with pallet trucks, and front and lateral stacker trucks. Ideal for cold
stores, where low temperatures will cause extreme concrete contraction, and thus larger gap sizes.

Permaban joints allow design and construction of floor slabs in conformance with BS EN 1991-1-1:2002 & BS EN 1992-1-1:2004 and to best practice as set out in TR34 4th edition.

Permaban Joint complies with the Construction Products Regulation (Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011), hold appropriate CE marking and are manufactured under the disciplines of ISO 9001:2015.

permaban wave joint
Key Benefits
  • Heavy duty joint arris protection.
  • Accommodates larger gap sizes easily.
  • Incorporates plate dowels for efficient load transfer between adjacent concrete slabs.
  • Continuous concrete ties securely anchor the joint into the slab along its length.
  • Resistant to twisting caused by the impact of wheeled traffic.
  • Allows controlled horizontal slab movement, preventing random cracking.
  • Eliminate vertical movement between slabs during concrete contraction, for a level floor surface.
  • Supplied as one unit for easy handling and installation - the two sides are connected with frangible rivets which separate naturally after installation.

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SPECIFICATION TEXT: PERMABAN WAVE® - Steel Armoured Joint Electroplated: Installed as per iNFORCE specifications.




IBEX Lighting

IBEX Lighting

The Ibex developer approached iNFORCE to provide a fit-for-purpose design for this stunning-looking new warehouse and office complex in the fast-growing Tauriko business park in Tauranga.
iNFORCE was asked to review an existing conventionally reinforced floor in another building of theirs where the failed joints and structural cracking had caused significant disruption to their operations through maintenance and equipment damage. iNFORCE provided a floor design that could almost completely eliminate disruptive maintenance. This was achieved by removing all saw cuts in the floor and armouring the control joints with the state-of-the-art Wave joint to create a large clear area for the company’s materials handling equipment.


Cool Store Extension, Motueka

Cool Store Extension, Motueka

The iNFORCE team supported the project engineer for this new cool store extension, ensuring Golden Bay Fruit received an optimal slab design solution.


The design criteria was simple: meet the load cases as per the specification and minimise joints.


After consultation with the project team, we put together a design that would remove sawn joints. Where joints were required, we specified Permaban Wave: an innovative and robust jointing system that would protect the joints, particularly in high traffic areas.


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