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For over 20 years we have been helping Engineers and Construction teams to design and deliver higher performing, stronger and more cost-effective floor slabs and pavements.



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0 Years experience in slab and pavement design

We help Engineers and Construction Firms design and optimise stronger, longer lasting and more cost-effective slabs, pavements and structures.

We have a team of engineers and design specialists who are highly passionate about the design of slabs and pavements and can consult with your team to provide design, PS1 sign off and onsite support if required.

Simplifying your project with iNFORCE doesn't mean compromising quality or skirting quality requirements. We use design methods that are aligned to worldwide 'best practice' guidelines which are backed by our engineering design team's absolute commitment to ensuring NZ is educated on the often-unrealised benefits of a well thought out slab design

We use products that are internationally certified and independently tested, complying to CE and ASTM international certification standards and manufactured under ISO quality management systems.

We are a 100% family owned New Zealand Company that fully stands behind its products, its people and its projects.

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Over 4502300 of Optimised slab and pavement designs

Over 2745 Successfully Completed Projects

More Than 384 Happy Clients

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