ACE XP Polymer changes the math and opens up design options unlike any other additive on the market today.





Pavement designers and contractors are typically locked into using a traditional standard when approaching section design and construction. Asphalt has historically maintained specific structural values and traffic loading, often based on local aggregates.

More than a chemical modifier, ACE XP physically reinforces the pavement structure to enhance performance and life span. Why does this matter? Because physical reinforcement conveys additional structure and adds load bearing capacity. Making asphalt stronger means heavy duty pavement can be constructed faster and less expensively. Stronger asphalt matches up better against rigid pavement. Shallow utilities and thinner base sections can be accommodated, as well as a host of valuable options when performing in-place recycling.

Stop trying to solve today’s problems with yesterday’s assumptions. Dry polymer is the only easy way to add years to pavement, while reducing maintenance along the way. ACE XP can go into any mix, made at any plant, placed by any paving contractor.

Making black green

With ACE Fibre the only product in its class gaining Environmental Product Declaration status (EPD certified) you can have the confidence that utilising ACE fibre is not just making your pavement last longer but it reduces your environmental footprint.

Increase the use of RAP without compromising the longevity and strength of your pavements.

Ace XP Overview
The Paving Contractors Perspective
Asset Owner/Roading Authority Perspective
Key Benefits
Environmental ACE Fibre is the only product in its class gaining Environmental Product Declaration status (EPD certified). SUSTAINABILITY Longer life expectation and reduced carbon footprint.
PERFORMANCE Significantly higher cracking and rutting performance than controls. COST SAVINGS Longer life expectation and delayed maintenance costs.
EASE OF ADOPTION Easy and clean for plant implementation. Easy and improved compatibility with site install.

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ACE XP at work


Banyule Council Roading VIC

Banyule Council Roading VIC

iNFORCE worked alongside RMIT University in Melbourne who were running a multi-council demonstration incorporating recycled plastic into asphalt as a performance enhancer. 2 of the 10 trial sites were selected to also included ACE polymer aramid fibres to further enhance the performance of the asphalt creating truly sustainable high performance pavements that have greatly reduced both the up front and long term CO2 impact. One of these sites was a 500m section of road within the Banyule City Council network, the existing pavement surface was milled off and a 50mm wear course of AC14C320M was overlaid with the addition of recycled plastic and a single dose ACE XP fibres to reduce cracking, reduce rutting and increase road life.


City of Sailsbury Ashpalt Renewals

City of Sailsbury Ashpalt Renewals

Inforce worked with the City of Sailsbury and Fulton Hogan to reinforce their asphalt renewals with ACE to increase the resistance to rutting and cracking.

On completion of the successful laydown, performance testing was carried out according to the SA Standard test methods on some of the plant mixed asphalt with fibre, this was an AC10M C320 Asphalt mix with a maximum aggregate size of 14mm and using a standard C320 grade binder. The results were very pleasing, with both the fatigue and rutting tests improving by well over 40% when compared to historical test data on the same mix.


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