iNFORCE is born out of a clear vision by the Directors to build a business to support the development of the regions.
That's why we exist in business, and that's what drives us to stay ahead.

Our Purpose
Reinforcing Communities

How does iNFORCE support the regions?

  • Every year we donate a significant % of our profits to support worthy causes such as Education, Coastguard and the Air Rescue Service which is critical for our small regional communities.
  • 80% of all acquired goods and services will be spent with companies based in the regions.
  • We will base staff in our regional offices wherever possible.
Our Locations


Since purchasing the Markham Global fibre division in 2017, brothers Tom and Finn McGaveston took their 20 years of testing and development of FRC to establish iNFORCE as a highly specialised pavement and industrial design service company providing engineers and construction companies with high quality design optimisation services.

With head office in Westport on the West Coast of the South Island, the iNFORCE team of engineers and design specialists are spread across Australia and NZ, providing their clients the support they need to have confidence in the optimised designs we produce, achieving quality, longer-lasting and more cost effective pavements and industrial floors. Check out the projects page to see some of the projects iNFORCE has been involved with across Australasia and the Pacific Islands.

Optimising your project with iNFORCE doesn't mean compromising quality or skirting quality requirements, iNFORCE uses design methods that are aligned to worldwide 'best practice' and backed by our team's absolute commitment to ensuring our clients realise the benefits of using a specialist pavement and industrial floor slab design company.

iNFORCE is a 100% family owned company that fully stands behind its solutions, its people and its projects.

Our Core Values
  • Genuine Care

    For The Team,
    The Community,
    The Customer

    key attributes
    • Flexibility
    • Sincerity
    • Compassion
  • Never Stand Still


    key attributes
    • Bold Ideas
    • Willing
    • Challenge
  • Unquestionable
    Integrity & Respect


    key attributes
    • Honest
    • Trustworthy
    • Open
  • Relentlessly

    Your Best

    key attributes
    • Commitment
    • Drive
    • Enthusiasm
  • Making It Easy


    key attributes
    • Innovate
    • Strategy
    • Execution
Key Contacts
  • Crawford Fisher

    Project Manager Team Lead

    Leading our Project Management team across Civil, Concrete & Asphalt, Crawford ensures Inforce project mangers bring significant value to our clients with fit-for-purpose, optimised designs.

  • Glenda Lewis


    Bringing over 15 years’ of international experience as a CFO, Glenda ensures that iNFORCE is ahead of the game with their strategic initiatives and financial performance.

  • Daniel Dongcuan

    Civil Engineer

    With 11 years of experience in pavement design and a degree in Civil Engineering, Daniel brings a wealth of experience to the Inforce team.

  • Prof. Mark Jaksa

    Technical Advisor - Geotechnical

    FIEAust CPEng NER APEC Engineer IntPE(Aus)

    With over 230 published papers and an Emeritus Professor of Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Adelaide, Mark brings extensive experience in both academia and consulting to the Inforce team.

  • Jeremy Wilcox

    Senior Project Manager - Civil

    Based in Newcastle, NSW Australia, Jeremy is our Senior Project Manager for civil projects throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands helping optimise pavement designs in roading, rail, energy and mining.

  • Jim Wright

    Project Manager VIC, SA, WA, NT

    Based in SA, and passionate about optimising concrete, Jim brings extensive project management experience to the team covering SA, VIC, WA & NT

  • George Field

    Flexible Pavements Manager

    Heading up flexible pavements, George Field brings a wealth of experience to the Inforce team, being part of the construction industry for over 20 years.

  • Austen Griffiths

    Project Manager - Concrete

    Austen has more than a decade of proven solid experience in providing industrial floor slabs and concrete pavement solutions to the construction sector.

  • Daniel Griffiths

    Project Manager - Concrete

    Bringing valued on-site construction experience, Daniel is our project manager covering both the South Island and Lower North Island.


  • Dee Young


    Dee’s organizational and administration skills help to keep our team on track and general business in working order.

  • Tom McGaveston

    Managing Director

    Tom keeps iNFORCE ahead of the curve in terms of industry innovations and regulatory requirements to ensure we deliver on our promise, every time.

  • Finn McGaveston


    Finn is passionate and committed to ensuring our message of ‘Simplify With Confidence’ is heard. Finn will ensure our team makes your next project easier and faster by specifying and advising the best solution, using world class methods and technologies.

  • Alexis Borderon

    Design Engineer

    Alexis is an Engineer who specializes in the design of fibre reinforced concrete structures with particular interest in warehouse floors and multi level structures.

    He is also a Director of ConCribe an international fibre design group


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