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Margaret Mahy Park


Margaret Mahy Park

Client: Christchurch City Care

Contractor: John Fillmore Contracting and City Care JV

Location: Christchurch

Completed: 2017

Products used:

We partnered with John Fillmore Contracting and City Care to install K-Form in this iconic project. K-Form was used to speed the project up by removing the need to use conventional ‘hit and miss’ boxing. By setting up the entire area with K-Form they were able to pour in one go.

“"Using the K-Form system saved us time and money, and considering the tight time constraints, was a huge contributing factor in delivering the project on time. iNFORCE's service was exemplary, ensuring product was always available and delivered on time."”

Tony Munro JFC/City Care JV Concrete/Paving Manager

  • Slab joints inbetween traditional steel mesh

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