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Tui Garden Products


Tui Garden Products

Client: Tui Garden Products

Location: Tauranga

Completed: 2014

Project Size: 14,000m2

A Permaforce steel fibre concrete slab was utilised to reinforce the floor throughout the warehouse, dispatch, and processing areas of this modern facility that handles extreme loading weights from product inventory, but is also subject to intense loads from heavy vehicle movements across the slab.

  • Concrete with steel fibre is placed
  • The new steel fibre slab dries on a fine day
  • Workers ensure the steel fibre concrete mix is delivered quickly and accurately
  • Indoor shot of the new slab showing the size and scale possible with Permaforce steel fibre reinforcing
  • New concrete floor with superior strength from Inforce steel fibre
  • Placers work on the large scale steel fibre slab project for Tui Gardens

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