Neoloy® Tough-Cells Deliver Low Creep & High Stiffness to Reinforce Pavements for Highway Construction

Neoloy Tough-Cells were specifically developed to cater to flexible pavements in highway construction. Their exceptional properties, including low creep and high stiffness, substantially increase the design life of asphalt pavements used in highways, approaching that of a perpetual reinforced highway pavement. Through Neoloy confinement, the moduli of each layer are elevated, allowing for a reduction in pavement thickness and subsequently decreasing the need for highway maintenance.

Simultaneously, highway construction costs are significantly reduced by employing locally available marginal soil and/or recycled materials as structural infill instead of importing high-quality aggregate. This cost-effective approach not only minimizes expenses but also contributes to the creation of more sustainable highways.

The cutting-edge geocell technology utilized for highway construction reinforcement revolves around the Neoloy novel polymeric alloy, which boasts unique engineering properties like high creep resistance, impressive tensile strength, and a remarkable Modulus Improvement Factor (MIF). These attributes extend the lifespan of highways well beyond other HDPE Soft-Cells, geogrids, or other highway reinforcement geosynthetics.

Use local

  • inferior aggregate/base course material.

Reduce highway construction costs

  • – for infill and earthworks.

Reduce maintenance costs

  • – less overlays and longer rehabilitation cycles.

Reduce subbase layer

  • and use locally available soils for subbase.

Pavement Engineering Factors

  • Excellent long-term solution for reactive soils
  • Increase subgrade CBR
  • High modulus improvement factor (MIF)
  • Reduce layer thickness – including asphalt layer
  • Reduce vertical stress
  • Decrease differential settlement
  • Allow more traffic and heavier axle loads

Utilise Recycled Asphalt as Base Course.

Neoloy Tough-Cells are a solution for road reconstruction with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavements. Reclaimed asphalt can be used as a base course with a thin overlay. The Neoloy increases RAP stiffness making additional processing (remixing binder and aggregate) unnecessary. This saves energy, hauling and costs. The Modulus Improvement Factor (MIF) of the Neoloy strengthens the RAP base infill such that it approaches the structural value of asphalt itself. The Tough-Cells also prevent lateral creep, which is a common problem with RAP infill. Unlike HDPE Soft-Cells, Neoloy is resistant to high temperatures, making Neoloy Tough-Cells suitable for use with hot mix asphalt paving.

Neoloy also reduces the total amount of asphalt and RAP in a pavement to reduce the pavement thickness. Extensive Testing by the MATC (Mid-America Transportation Center – Prof. Jie Han) has demonstrated that Neoloy Tough-Cells “significantly reduced the permanent deformation of the flexible pavement and increased the pavement life by a factor of 10.”


Reliable Ground Stabilisation

& Reinforcement Of Soft and Reactive/Expansive Soils

Improving bearing capacity via Neoloy Tough-Cell’s ground stabilization solutions is key to developing durable pavements over soft or expansive/reactive soils.

Constructing or extending roads, railways, or embankments over soft soils necessitates subgrade ground improvement measures to enhance their bearing capacity. Neoloy Tough-Cells offer an optimal solution for subgrade foundation improvement in areas with unstable subgrades, such as soft sands, saturated soils, or expansive clay soils. By employing Neoloy Geocell’s ground stabilization method at the subbase-subgrade interface, weak subgrade soil is effectively stabilized, significantly increasing its bearing capacity. The implementation of Neoloy Tough-Cell’s ground reinforcement leads to enhanced performance and an extended lifespan for any roadway. Additionally, Neoloy enables a remarkable reduction of up to 50% in the thickness of structural layers and allows the use of local, marginal granular soil and sand for structural infill, promoting cost-effectiveness.

Crafted from a high-modulus novel polymeric alloy, Neoloy stands as the sole geocell specifically designed for heavy-duty, long-term ground stabilization. With higher tensile stiffness, creep resistance, and superior durability compared to conventional HDPE Soft-Cells, Neoloy Tough-Cells prove their ability to endure the lifespan of any pavement, even under heavy cyclical loading. The Neoloy confinement technique effectively stabilizes sand for reinforced bases, while the ‘beam effect’ mattress proves reliable in saturated and expansive clay soils, surpassing soil cement solutions. Neoloy Tough-Cells represent the most effective management practice for subgrade improvement in paved roads, highways, railways, embankments, as well as unpaved access, service, and haul roads.

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