FRC FAQ: Is a fibre reinforced slab stronger than a mesh reinforced one?

FRC FAQ: Is a fibre reinforced slab stronger than a mesh reinforced one?

31 March 2022

We often get asked how can fibre reinforcing provide a stronger slab than traditional mesh reinforcing?

The tensile strength of reinforcing mesh only comes into effect when it is bridging a macro (or visible) crack in the concrete matrix. On the other hand, short separate fibres provide a discontinuous, three-dimensional reinforcement that picks up and transfers load stress at a micro-crack level.

This means that fibres provide strength and help to control micro-cracks, even before they form. This encourages higher ductility or toughness. Additionally, using fibre provides three-dimensional reinforcement from the top of the slab right through to the bottom, as opposed to a two-dimensional single layer of reinforcement provided by mesh.

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