Why Neoloy Tough-Cells for Haul Roads?

How does it work? Neoloy Tough-Cells increase the bearing capacity of soft subgrade and the road base modulus. Mechanical confinement locks aggregate and binds soil particles, providing shear resistance and increased stiffness. The stronger foundation creates a stable road surface that improves fuel economy and ride comfort while reducing fugitive dust.

Neoloy Tough-Cell reinforced haul roads resist cuts, impacts and degradation. The result is less wear and tear to tyres and vehicles, and more efficient, safe and economic operations for mining operators.


The Neoloy Solution for Haul Roads

With the highest stiffness, elastic modulus and tensile strength of any geocell, Neoloy Tough-Cells will help haul roads handle the heaviest of loads in soft soils using sand for structural infill (650+ ton payload – see case study here). This is due to the high-modulus of Neoloy®-based Tough-Cells and the beam effect that it creates. Neoloy Tough-Cell soil confinement locks soil aggregate and binds soil particles, providing strong surface adhesion and reducing fugitive dust. Neoloy reinforced haul roads resist cuts, impacts and degradation. The result is less wear and tear to tyres and vehicles, and more efficient, safe and economic operations for haul roads, mine operators and natural resource projects. Neoloy reinforced haul roads for mining provide a durable road for year-long operations. The result – Neoloy stabilized haul roads reduce maintenance and increase mine productivity.


Providing Reliable Access for Wind Farms

Cost effective and reliable transporting and erecting heavy wind turbines and solar generating equipment over problematic soils in remote locales requires a Neoloy® Tough-Cells Sustainable Solution. Access roads, water crossings and working platforms for oversized transport and heavy construction vehicles (200+ tons) require very high load-bearing capacity. Access is often through environmentally sensitive areas.

The Neoloy Solution

Fortunately, the more challenging the conditions are, the more reasons you need Neoloy Tough-Cells. Neoloy soil stabilization enables cost-effective access roads and staging areas for oversized loads in the most problematic soils. The small construction footprint of the Neoloy cellular confinement system makes it ideal for use in sensitive areas, such as nature reserves. By reducing overall construction and resource-use, environmental and on-site disruptions are minimized. The unique properties of Neoloy Tough-Cells – high stiffness, tensile strength and creep resistance – guarantee support for high dynamic loads, such as unpaved access roads for single axle loads of 24 tons typical of heavy cranes and wind turbines over soft soils.

Increased load support is achieved with less aggregate, time and costs, while Neoloy durability ensures reliable use for the road design life and beyond.

Primary Industries

Improve Logging and Sawmill Productivity

Tough-Cell stabilized log yards, logging and forest roads result in durable, year-round and sustainable infrastructure.

Logging crews can focus on the timber harvest instead of roads, with stabilized logging roads that are stronger, more reliable and more sustainable for more productive harvest and transport with a low environmental footprint.

Log yards and sawmill operators will improve profitability with strong and durable soil stabilization that enables reliable, all weather heavy-duty operations, while reducing maintenance and downtime significantly.

  • Use local poor-quality material for construction
  • Increase operational efficiency and profitability
  • Roads and yards support heavy loading in all weather, all-season conditions
  • Enable higher loading and trafficking with minimal rutting and degradation
  • Improve road and log yard lifespans
  • Reduce maintenance and downtime
  • Create a semi-rigid “mattress” to better distribute heavy loads
  • 3D mechanical stabilization increases stiffness, strength and bearing capacity
  • Higher modulus improvement factor than any other geosynthetic.
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